Curbside bin "TOP" 50 Lt (13,21 gal) View full size

Curbside bin "TOP" 50 Lt (13,21 gal)

Waste bin for curbside collection with a capacity of 13,21 gal. It's equipped with a front door for a simplified introduction of waste even when stacked.

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Capacity: 50 Lt (13,21 gal)
Size (L x W x H): 42,8 x 50,1 x 57,4 cm
Weight: 2260 gr. approx. (4,98 lb approx.)
Moulding materials: Recycled polypropylene (also neutral on demand) 100% recyclable, UV resistant. Moulding by injection.
Body: With a shape of a truncated pyramid and rectangular base, equipped with a grasp socket on the bottom. The bin is devoid of sharp edges and the internal and external surface is completely smooth.
Lid: Hinged lid with outward swinging flap. Antiantistrays closing provided through the handle.
Handle: Ergonomic lid-locking handle.
Available colours: Green, brown, yellow, white, red, blue, gray and others available upon request.
  • Grasp socket on the bottom
  • Antiantistrays closing
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy sack fastening
Features: Sturdy and durable

Sturdy and wear resistant, it can endure frequent movement and UV rays. The bin can be placed at home or outside.

Highly specialized and designed to make it easier recycling. Products made of polypropylene, 100% recyclable according to the Reach legislation.
  High convenience and comfort

They are equipped with a grasp socket on the bottom to facilitate the handling in the emptying phase, provided with exclusive hinges with lowered joint to allow an easier bag fastening and equipped with an antiantistrays closure.

Can be customized with company logos, waste codification and progressive number.

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