Composter 400 Lt (105,66 gal) View full size

Composter 400 Lt (105,66 gal)

Practical, functional, ecological and essential for home composting.

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The composter 400 Lt. is a composter in assembly kits made of recycled and recyclable polypropylene PP.

Made up of 4 walls and large hinged top cover, featuring large fissures on the sidewalls for homogeneous ventilation in order to accelerating the composting process and preventing anaerobic transformation processes (smells).

Underneath it has 4 large openings for the extraction of the compost that can be closed with the specific covers (supplied). This cover can be also used as rakes for collecting leaves and herbs.

The Composter 400 Lt is suitable for a family of 3-6 members

Capacity: 400 Lt (105,66 gal)
Size (L x W x H): 80 x 80 x 91 cm (2,62 x 2,62 x 2,98 ft)
Weight: 12 Kg. approx. (2,64 lb approx.)
Lid: With a sqare base 70x70 cm, hinged to the body. Front latch to prevent it from opening when windy.
Grid, cone and aerator  
Available colours:  
Features: Sturdy and durable

Sturdy and wear resistant, it can endure frequent movement and UV rays. The composter can be placed in every garden.

They can convert bio waste into humus for the terrain enrichment to lighten the municipal separate collection.
  Avoid unpleasant odors

The presence of holes, cracks and slits facilitate and optimize the internal air flow.
  Easy to carry

Both the kit version and the single part are easily transportable by minimizing the overall dimensions.
  Functional and practical

Thanks to the user's manual in each package, home composting becomes accesible by anyone.

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